How do you select your monthly tours? 
Akron2Akron hosts one tour each month. Each tour is led by a what we refer to as a neighborhood champion. Our calendar is set on a first come first serve basis. However, anyone can submit a request to create their own independently organized tour or suggest a walk to us. 

Are the tours kid and pet friendly?
Most of the tours are kid and pet friendly. The great thing about Akron2Akron tours is that each tour is completely different since they are led by a new neighborhood champion every month. If a tour is not kid or pet friendly, we will be sure to include that in the route description.

What if I want to lead a tour but your calendar is booked? 
Please don't let our calendar deter you from leading your own tour. Click here to read the steps on how to organize a tour. If your tour is accepted, it will be listed as an independently organized tour and Akron2Akron will lend its brand to promote your tour. Our team will help to heavily promote it for you on our social media pages and website.

How long are the tours?
Most of the tours are about one hour in length. A tour is anywhere from 1-2 miles. We will always indicate the length of the tour in our descriptions.

What happens at the end of the tour? 
We typically meet at a local restaurant, bar, coffee shop, church or park for conversation. This isn't a formal networking event but rather a time for people to chat about what they learned and saw on the tour. It's also a way to engage the local businesses and establishments.  We always indicate the meeting place in our description.

How do I lead a tour of my neighborhood?
Click on the Create a Walk tab.

When is the next tour? 
Click on the Upcoming Tours tab for a list of upcoming tours.

Can I read about past tours?
Click on Past Tours to view a list and read blog posts from prior tours.

Do I have to sign up? 
Most tours will not require any type of registration. We will only ask for you to register if there's a space limitation on the tour. If there is, we will post the registration link on our social media pages and website.