Friday, April 27, 2018

Concrete and Culture: A walk through North Hill

Led by the North Akron Community Development Corporation team, we'll experience and consider the past, present, and potential of North Hill, starting with Temple Square. What role does the rich and new culture play in the neighborhood? We'll find out.

Join us for an experience through the diverse cultures (and infrastructure) of North Hill. We'll visit Family Grocery for some chatpattey, navigate busy Main Street, visit the African Market for some dumplings, and we'll wrap it up with some chill time at Lynn's Pub.

What: North Hill: Culture and Concrete
Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018
Start time: 2:00pm
End time: 3:30 pm
Led by: John Ughrin
Meeting location: North Hill Branch Library: 183 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave, Akron, OH 44310
Accessibility: bike friendly, strollers welcomed, pets welcomed, kid friendly, wheelchair accessible. We will be walking across Main Street on two occasions, which can be a challenge).
Parking: 183 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave, Akron, OH 44310

1. Park and start at North Hill Branch Library
2. Quick introduction at Temple Square Park
3. Cross Main Street to Family Grocery (host: Naresh Subba)
4. Cross Main Street again to the Exchange House (host: Katie Beck)
5. Walk through the neighborhood to the African Market (host: Wouryouwon Morris)
6. End at Lynn's Pub for those interested.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

2018 Akron2Akron Tours

North Akron Market Preview:
Saturday, April 28th at 2pm, meet at the North Hill Branch Library (183 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave).

Jane’s Walk weekend:
May 5th-7th (

Kenmore Music Scene:
Friday, June 1st @ 5pm, meet at  Kenmore Branch Library (969 Kenmore Blvd).

Middlebury Farmers’ Market:
Wednesday, July 11th @ 5pm, meet at The Well CDC (647 East Market Street).

North Hill Neighborhood Gardens and North Akron Market:
Saturday, August 27th @ 4pm, meet at the North Hill Branch Library (183 East Cuyahoga Falls Ave).

Middlebury Farmers’ Market:
Wednesday, September 12th @ 5pm, meet at The Well  CDC (647 East Market Street).

Kenmore Blvd.:
Saturday, October 6th at 1pm, meet at Kenmore Branch Library (969 Kenmore Blvd).


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