Wednesday, September 14, 2016

October 7, 2016: How the Ohio & Erie Canal Created Akron

Learn about the Industrial & Commercial History of Akron while enjoying the fall colors of the Cascade Valley. Denny Reiser, Bob Schneider, and  Guy Marentette, will lead small groups of you back in time from when the Ohio & Erie Canal was in its infancy, up until the great flood of 1913 which was the end of the Canal's function and use. The Canal is said to have been the main reason Akron exists, as there were so many locks in such a short distance as it ascended and descended the Continental Divide, that travelers got off their boat while it made it's way through the many locks, spending a day or longer along this area, many never getting back on the boat they got off of, staying in Akron.

You will learn about the canal, the mill race, as well as the many mills and furnaces along the mill race. You will learn about the industrial and commercial history of Akron, and how the names Crosby, King, Perkins, Schumacher, and others shaped this city.

What: How the Ohio & Erie Canal created Akron
When: Friday October 7, 2016
Start time: 5:30pm
End time: 6:30pm with free time to explore the Shumacher Mill site in greater detail
Meeting location: Cascade Valley Park / Mustill Store 248 Ferndale St, Akron, OH 44304
Led by: Cascade Locks Park Association Education Committee with walk leaders Denny Reiser, Bob Schneider & Guy Marentette
Accessibility: bike friendly, strollers welcomed, pets welcomed, kid friendly, wheelchair accessible
Parking: Cascade Valley Park Trial Head parking lot off of W. North St. near N. Howard St.

Lock 15 at The Mustill homestead, the Mustill Store and Museum
Lock 14 at North St.
The Schumacher Mill site and the replica mill wheel
The mill race tunnel entrance that goes underground south of the mill site and comes out into the Little Cuyahoga River
Lock 13 & Lock 12
Railroad trestles
Beech Street Trailhead near the old power plant and the Northside Connector Trail
Howard Street & Beech St. near the Hotel Matthews Monument
Howard St. Under the Northside Connector
Schumacher Mill Site and the new Monarch Butterfly Way Station

A note from the organizer: 
We want to share our story with more people - our mission statement is to preserve, protect and promote the industrial, commercial and cultural heritage of the Cascade Locks Park along locks 10-16 of the Ohio & Erie Canal.