Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 30, 2016: Akron Urban Agriculture Walk

Photo: Chris Miller

Take a walking tour of The Akron Urban Agriculture Corridor in the Summit Lake neighborhood. 

What: Akron Urban Agriculture Walk
Led by: Ms. Julie of Ms. Julie's Kitchen, Lisa Nunn, Laura Urban
When: August 30, 2016
Start & end time: : The trolley will pick up at the following times: 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00 from the Summit Lake Community Center. Each tour will last about an hour. 
Meeting location: Summit Lake Community Center 
380 W Crosier St, Akron, OH 4431 
Parking: available at Summit Lake Community Center

Summit Lake Community Center:  The trolley will pick up at the following times: 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00 
Miller Street Church and gardens 
South Street Ministries 
The original Let’s Grow Akron garden 
Downtown Laundromat 
Catholic Workers 
Miss Julie’s Gardens 
Urban Honey Bee 
Let’s Grow Akron high tunnel 
Return to Summit Lake Community Center where the Summit Lake Farmer's Market will be held until 7pm. 

This is an independently led walk. Click here to create, organize, and lead your own walk!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

August 13, 2016: Merriman Valley Walk

This walk will showcase the numerous small businesses that, for some, have been in the Valley for  over 20 years, as well as, reminding the community that the Merriman Valley is the Gateway to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

What: Merriman Valley Walk
Led by: Karen Zampell, Merriman Valley advocate
When:  August 13, 2016
Start time: 1:00 pm
End time: 2:00 pm
Meeting location: Weathervane Playhouse 1301 Weathervane Ln, Akron, OH 44313
Parking: Weathervane Playhouse parking lot 1301 Weathervane Ln, Akron, OH 44313
Accessibility: small sidewalks, busy streets

  • Weathervane Playhouse
  • The Merchant/Cousins
  • Barmacy/Bessay 
  • Hanna Asian Market/The Noisy Oyster 
  • Native American toting Canoe/Towpath Trail
  •  Parkwood Plaza I businesses 
  • Valley Centre Plaza businesses
  • Max Mcq's Plaza Parkwood Plaza II/Freshway Plaza 
  • Cedarwood Valley Office 
  • Park Liberty Commons Bell
A note from the organizer:

The Valley is a precious area geographically. The surrounding abundance of green space has something to offer everyone. The quaint Valley business area is charming with every amenity one needs on a day to day basis. 

This is an independently led walk. Click here to create, organize, and lead your own walk!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

June 9 and 11: Goodyear Heights Walk

Photo via

Join our expert guides to visit our neighborhood distinctive for its architecture, beauty and history. You will be enlightened, intrigued and excited to share your experience with others.

Option 1: Weekday Evening Walk
What: Historic Goodyear Heights
When: Thursday, June 9
Start time : 7:00 pm 
End time : 8:00 pm
Meeting location:  Malasia Park (intersection of Malasia Rd. & Emerson St.)

Option 2: Weekend Morning Walk
What: Historic Goodyear Heights
When: Saturday, June 11
Start time: 10:00 am 
End time: 11:00 am
Meeting location: Malasia Park (intersection of Malasia Rd. & Emerson St.) 

Route One: Led by Mark Schweitzer 
A more vigorous uphill route

  • Begin at the Southeast corner of Malasia Park (intersection of Malasia Rd. & Emerson St.)
  • Travel North on Malasia Step Path to Battery B Cross Battery B and continue on Step Path to Goodyear Blvd.
  • Cross Goodyear Blvd. and Continue on Step Path to Hillside Terrace
  • Continue on Hillside Terrace, cross Brittain Rd and continue on Hillside to Bingham Path Steps
  • Terrace down Steps to Bingham Path & Gazebo Park (Square) 
Note: This route takes the “East” steps all the way up from Malasia, across Goodyear Blvd and all the way up to Hillside Terrace. It offers nice views of different types of houses on the Boulevard (and Hillside, which has some unique houses) and provides a great perspective on how Warren Manning shaped the streets into the hilly terrain. It’s rigorous; about .5 mile long and pretty scenic. 

Route Two: Led by Mike Herhold
A more gentle walk on primarily flats surfaces

  • Begin at the Southeast corner of Malasia Park (intersection of Malasia Rd. & Emerson St.)
  • Take Malasia past Shady Springs Park to Ruckel
  • South on Ruckel to Preston
  • West on Preston to Shawnee Path
  • West on Shawnee Path to Pioneer
  • North on Pioneer to Goodyear Blvd and Gazebo Park (Square)

Note: This route is generally flatter and more accessible. There is a nice variety of housing on both sides of Brittain Rd., open spaces (Malasia Park, Shady Springs Park and an additional unnamed park at Shawnee Path & Pioneer. There is also an opportunity for a “Now & Then” photo op at Shawnee Path & Preston, where we have an image from 1914 to compare. 

Refreshments at the conclusion of the walk at Gazebo Park will be provided by the RIGHT Committee (Residents Improving Goodyear Heights Together)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 30: Firestone Park Inside/Out Tour

Experience art integrated into our daily life brought to you by the City of Akron and Akron Art Museum. This tour will visit all 10 of the Inside/Out locations in Firestone Park which include such iconic spots as St. Paul's Church, The Akron Racers Stadium, and Boardwalk Thrift. Firestone Park is a neighborhood in south Akron that was built in 1915 to house the employees of Firestone Tire and Rubber. It has a rich history and amazing parks that will be highlighted on this tour.

Round out the walk by celebrating the neighborhood with a party at the Akron Art Museum at 2pm with local foods and some awesome music.

What: Firestone Park Inside/Out Tour
When: April 30, 2016
Led by: Akron Art Museum and Rick Stockburger of Stockburger Solutions
Start time: 10:00am and 11:30am via trolley at Firestone Park Community Center 1480 Girard St, Akron, OH 44301
After party: Akron Art Museum (1 South High Street, Akron) 44308 at  1-3pm

View / download the Inside/Out map here.

This tour requires registration due to limited trolley seating. 

Register here for the 10:00 am tour

Register here for the 11:30 am tour. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

May 6, 2016: The Industrial & Commercial History of Akron Walk

Mr. Denny Reiser, well known for leading his history, nature, and flower walks for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Summit County Metro Parks, and the Cascade Locks Park Association, will lead you back in time from when the Ohio & Erie Canal was constructed, up until the great flood of 1913 which was the end of the Canal's function and use. The Canal is said to have been the main reason Akron exists, as there were so many locks in such a short distance that travelers got off their canal boat while it made it's way through the many locks, spending a day or longer along this area.

You will learn about the canal, the mill race, as well as the many mills and furnaces along the mill race. You will learn about the industrial and commercial history of Akron, as well as the cultural history of the area that includes N. Howard St.

The walk will conclude at the Akron Sustainer - a shipping container converted to educational space and created by Kaley Foster with help of an Akron Torchbearer's grant. The Akron Sustainer was recently featured at the Akron Home & Garden Show's Tiny Village, and its new home is at the Cascade Lofts directly across the canal from the Mustill Store Museum. Kaley will be there to answer your questions!

What: The Industrial & Commercial History of Akron - Locks 10-16 in the Cascade Valley

Led by: Cascade Locks Park Association Education Committee: Tim Miller & Denny Reiser

When: Friday May 6, 2016

Start time: 6:00 pm

End time: 7:00 pm Meeting location: Mustill Store & Museum 248 Ferndale St, Akron, OH 44304

Accessibility: bike friendly, pets welcomed, wheelchair accessible, strollers welcomed, kid friendly

Parking: Cascade Valley Park Trial Head parking lot off of North St. (Google or MapQuest 57 W. North St. Akron OH 44304). There is also plenty of street parking on North St. There is also parking at the Beech Street Trail Head a quarter mile south along the Towpath (behind the Innerbelt Night Club). All parking is free!

    • The Cascade Locks - Mustill Store and Museum 
    •  North St. Bridge 
    • The Schumacher Mill Wheel site 
    • The Mill Race Tunnel entrance
    •  Lock 13 Bridge / Lock 14 Trail head 
    • Lock 12 / 1880 railroad trestle remnants & current 1927 trestle 
    •  Schumacher Mill Race Dam 
    • Lock 10, The Power House remnants, & Beech St Trailhead 
    • Howard St. / Historical Jazz District 
    • Akron Sustainer at Cascade Lofts - converted shipping container
      A message from the organizer:  

      "[we want] to share our story with more people - our mission statement is to preserve, protect and promote the industrial, commercial and cultural heritage of the Cascade Locks Park along locks 10-16 of the Ohio & Erie Canal."

      Wednesday, February 17, 2016

      March 25, 2016: Via Dolorosa South Akron Walk


      South Akron is taking the spiritual reflections of Good Friday and applying them to the streets of our own city. Is the Summit County Jail our own Golgotha? As Christ carried his cross, he stumbled, what places in Akron are there for individuals who stumble? This will be a reflective walk focused on the Christian tradition, but open and with applications for all.
      What: Via Dolorsa Walk.
      A ritual procession through the 14 steps of the Passion of the Christ, from sentencing, to the death on the cross, to the burial. The Via Dolorosa is the Way of the Cross.  The Via Dolorosa -- South Akron walk will be a liturgical walk from the Downtown Courthouse to the Summit County Jail to commemorate and reflect on Good Friday through actual geographical places in Akron, reflecting on our own spirituality, the justice issues of our own city, and the death of Jesus Christ.

      Led by: Joe Tucker / South Street Ministries 
      When: Friday, March 25th (Good Friday)
      Start time: 4pm
      End time: 6:30pm
      Meeting location:  Summit County Clerk of Courts 205 S High St, Akron, OH 44308
      Parking: Participants can park at Front Porch Cafe (798 Grant St.) and be transported to the start of the tour OR can park downtown  and be transported back to their vehicles at the conclusion of the walk. Click here for a downtown parking map.
      Accessibility: bike friendly, busy sidewalks

      A note from the organizer:
      " I love connecting the spiritual to the real. Just as Jerusalem was (and still is) a real place, so is South Akron. The spiritual reflections of the Easter season should affect the whole of our lives, including our neighborhoods."
        Summit County Court Clerk of Courts
        Metro Transit Center
        Front Porch Cafe
        Community Based Correctional Facility
        Summit County Jail

      Friday, November 13, 2015

      Downtown Christmas History Walk

      Explore the rich cultural history of Akron's holidays past with discussions of downtown retailers and Christmas attractions from the past 100 years. 

      What: Downtown Christmas History Walk
      Led by: Joanna Wilson in partnership with Lock 3 window designer Jeanne Jordan
      Date:  Saturday Dec. 12th, 2015
      Time: 4-6pm
      Meeting location: Lock 3 Park
      Accessibility: strollers welcomed, kid friendly, busy sidewalks
      Parking: free parking (on Saturdays) is available in the city deck adjacent to Lock 3.
      After-party: Jingle Bell Bash (more information here, $10 donation to support Ronald McDonald House of Akron). This party is independent of the walk and book signing but highly recommended for walk goers.

      • Lock 3
      • Cascade Plaza 
      •  Corner of Market and Main  
      • First Merit Building 
      •  Polsky's windows  
      •  Mayflower windows-Journey to Bethlehem 
      •  O'Neil's windows 
      •  Trolley ride to Cornerstone Church in Portage Lakes. Trolley is limited to 60 riders. REGISTER HERE FOR THE TROLLEY.  
      •  Lock 3 
      REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THE TROLLEY RIDE FROM DOWNTOWN TO PORTAGE LAKES. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR THE WALK, ONLY THE TROLLEY RIDE.  Those who don't ride the trolley are encouraged to drive their own vehicles and meet the group at Cornerstone Church (578 Killian Rd. Akron OH). 

       A note from the organizer, Joanna Wilson:

       I recently completed the research on Akron's Christmas history (and wrote the book THE STORY OF ARCHIE THE TALKING SNOWMAN.) The walk is also to bring awareness to the current Christmas traditions going on downtown.